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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Area Rug

We’ll Clean Your Rugs with Care!

An oriental rug makes a beautiful, and often tremendously valuable addition to any room, but unfortunately, just like any other floor covering they receive a great deal of wear and tear.

Oriental and area rugs aren’t just a home decoration—they are also an investment, and that’s why we take tremendous care to ensure that the quality and integrity of your rug is maintained throughout the cleaning process.

Our technicians are trained to deal with the unique materials used in the creation of area rugs, and each rug is handled not just with the utmost care, but also thorough consideration for the specific cleaning requirements associated with that particular type of rug.

Whether you simply want to spot treat a rug, or clean the entire surface to remove deeply engrained dirt and allergens, at Chem-Dry we have developed a technologically-advanced cleaning system that will keep your home fresh, clean and healthy, while preserving the condition of your rug.

Our Process

The customer is central to every cleaning process we perform. Whether you have an oriental rug, a Persian rug, a silk rug, or any option in between, the first step of our process is to perform a comprehensive evaluation. During the evaluation process we’ll discuss the most effective and safe cleaning options for your rug, to receive optimal results.

We guarantee attention to detail every step of the way, and our trained technicians will guide you through the process, which includes the utilisation of the natural, gentle elements of air and carbonation cleaning.

The cleaning process is dependent on the particular rug, but in general we use a pre-spray cleaner, gentle submersion bath, and delicate drying and fringe cleaning techniques.

Using our patented tools and processes, we’ll provide you with an effective cleaning process that maintains the dye and fibres of your rug. Your rug will be as beautiful and vibrant as the first day you purchased it.

Persian Rug & Leather Couch

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