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Dust mite anti-allergen treatment

Treatment of your mattress, upholstery or carpets with chemdry’s Dust mite anti-allergen treatment can help prevent the nasty effects of the bacteria caused by dust mites and other critters. Being a hay fever sufferer for many years, I treat my own home with this regularly, helping avoid flaring up with the sneezes in summer or at the break of winter. There are two common times of the year for hay fever, in summer when the flowers and pollen get distributed into the air, also a lot more lawn mowing, causes there to be a high level of natural pollutants in the air that man are allergic too. And at the break of winter, ever noticed when the first real cold days arrive the air is very dry, and many people start sneezing. This phenomenon is caused by the dry air of winter allowing microscopic fibers trapped in your home carpets and mattress to be disturbed and fly around your home. Dust mite treatment from Chemdry is recommended just prior to winter to help avoid your symptoms.